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"Capt. Jacob Parsons, died April 12, 1825, aged 82 years" and "Lorraine Sedgwick, his wife, died April 9, 1823, aged 68." Children:

1. Laura (Lorrain), b. 1773; m. William Osborne. (B61)

2. Sabrina, b. 1775; m. Ashbel Wells. (B62)

3. Alanson, b. 1777; d. young.

4. Hannah, b. 1779; m. Horace Williston January 8, 1809; d. 1853. (She is great-grandmother of Mrs. Oscar Evans.) (B64)

5. Orlando, m. Betsey Beach. (B65)

6. Richard, m. Abby Olmstead. (B66)

7. Benjamin, m. Malinda Randall. (B67)

8. Lorenzo, b. April 27, 1791; m. Polly Goddard; d. September 25, 1878. (B68) Historical research has been made into the settling and development of this section of New York State, and Mrs. Oscar Evans has written of it:

"I am copying from a letter of my sister, Margaret Stockbridge Whitman, dated Binghamton, N.Y., September 23, 1940, who hunted up the graves for me:

"'Luckily I had a chance to go to the cemetery at Whitney Point yesterday and found a peculiar circumstance. The Parsons monument was easy to find but the graves about it were not marked so I could not tell which belonged to it. I copied off the monument:

"'Capt. Jacob Parsons, died Apr. 12, 1824, aged 82 years.' Underneath was (notice the spelling):

"'Lauraine Sedgwick, his wife, died Aug. 9, 1828 Aged 68 years.'

"As I had to wait awhile I looked on among the old graves and to my bewilderment found a long way from this monument an old stone marked:

"'In memory of Lauraine, wife of Capt. Jacob Parsons, who died Apr. 9, 1823.' I'm sure it was a '3.' Notice the month is different from the monument inscription. 1823 must be correct. She had a child in 1773 and in copying '8' and '3' are easily confused. The 'Aug. -Apr.' isn't so easy to see."

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