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Amelia Sedgwick, 2d child of Major William Dwight Sedgwick (B4A,4) and Louise (Tellkampf) Sedgwick, was born November 20, 1859, and married in 1882 Lyon McDonald Playfair. We have record of two children (Playfair):

1. Sidney Sedgwick, b. in 1883. (B4A,421)

2. Louise Sedgwick. (B4A,422)

B4A, 5.
Grace Ashburner Sedgwick, 5th child of Charles Sedgwick (B4A) and Elizabeth B. (Dwight) Sedgwick, was born March 5, 1833, at Lenox, Mass., and died February 8, 1897, at St. Cloud, France. She was active in the Civil War in the United States Hospital Service. She married as his second wife Charles Astor Bristed, grandson of John Jacob Astor, who was born in New York City October 6, 1820. He was a member of the class of 1839 at Yale College. During his undergraduate life he distinguished himself in his classical studies, which he continued as a Yale graduate student and for five years in Trinity College, Cambridge University, England. His father, John Bristed, came to the United States in 1806 after studying both law and medicine, was ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church, became assistant to Biship Griswold at Bristol, R.I., and married Magdalene Astor, eldest child of John Jacob Astor.

Charles Astor Bristed returned to New York City in 1846 and January 14, 1847, married 1st, Laura, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brevoort of New York City. For several years Charles wrote largely for Fraser's Magazine and outstanding newspapers on timely subjects of national life, often on topics of the sports world. In 1849 he established at Yale the Bristed Scholarships which are still given annually for meritorious classical achievement. He was a life-long enthusiast in equestrian matters and won a trotting race in Paris, in 1852. He thrashed a reporter from the New York Herald and fought a duel with a French military officer, the Marquis de Gallifet. His first wife died in 1861 in France. His only child by his second wife was Charles Henry Maine Bristed, afterward renamed Charles Astor Bristed (B4A,51). He was named originally for his godfather, Sir Charles Henry Maine. Child (Bristed):

1. Charles Astor, Jr., b. May 24, 1868, at New York City. (B4A,51)

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