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(Sedgwick) Rackemann and Frederic William Rackemann, was born September 2, 1868, and married in 1900 at Fitchburg, Mass. They have resided at Albrambra, California, where he died at 200 South Margarita Street in 1939. Children:

1. Elsie Sedgwick Rackemann, b. in 1901. (B4A,361)

2. Wilfred H., b. in 1902. (B4A,362)

3. Sibyl O., b. in 1903. (B4A,363)

4. Minot, b. in 1907. (B4A,364)

5. Martelle Dwight, b. in 1909. (B4A,365)

6. Juliette Helen, b. in 1912. (B4A,366)

William Dwight Sedgwick, 4th child of Charles (B4A) and Elizabeth B. (Dwight) Sedgwick, was born June 27, 1831, and died September 29, 1862, from a mortal wound received at the battle of Antietam the same day. He was an aide to Major General John Sedgwick (B29,2) in the Army of the Potomac with the rank of Major. He was buried at Lenox, Mass., October 5, 1862. One historian wrote of him: "He fell at Antietam, amid the dangers of battle and with his dying strength he wrote in his memorandum book, 'I have tried to do my duty.'" He married July 15, 1857, Louise Tellkampf, daughter of Frederick Tellkampf and Louise Fredericke (Trotl) Tellkampf of Hanover, Germany. To them were born:

1. Grace, b. May 12, 1858. (B4A,41)

2. Amelia, b. November 20, 1859. (B4A,42)

3. Mary Elizabeth, b. July 3, 1861. (B4A,43)

Grace Sedgwick, oldest child of William Dwight Sedgwick (B4A,4) and Louise (Tallkampf) Sedgwick, was born May 12, 1858. She married Dr. Alexander Guertler of Hanover, Germany. They had (Guertler):

1. Elsie Louise, born in 1877. (B4A,411)

2. William Minot, b. in 1880. (B4A,412)

3. Eleanora Anna, b. in 1884. (B4A,413)

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