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By his 2d wife, Elizabeth Chapman, both children born in Boston:

4. Alice Woodbourne, b. February 8, 1924, in Boston, Mass. (B4A,132,4)

5. Stephen, b. May 27, 1927, at Boston, Mass. (B4A,132,5)

Grace Woodworth Minot, 2d child of William Minot IV and his first wife, Lucy Greenleaf (Woodworth) Minot, was born November 7, 1911, at Boston. She graduated from the Child Walker School of Fine Arts and married June 27, 1934, at Boston, John Wentworth Peirce, Harvard 1933, cum laude; Harvard Architectural School, 1935. He was with the Walter Channing, Inc. real estate firm of Boston and was an architect with Kilham, Hopkins and Greeley, when he entered the Naval Reserves, in which he was lieutenant. He was for three years Director Fighter, and Navigator in the Naval Reserves in the Mediterranean and Pacific on the Sagamore and in support of the Solomon's Campaign, at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. They reside at Witch Hill, Dr., Topsfield, Mass. Children, both born at Cambridge, Mass. (Peirce):

1. Thomas Wentworth, b. March 27, 1935. (B4A,132,21)

2. Lucy Woodworth, b. August 19, 1939. (B4A,132,22)

William Minot V, 3d child of William Minot IV and his first wife, Lucy Greenleaf (Woodworth) Minot, was born September 23, 1914, in Brookline, Mass. He graduated, B.S., cum laude, from Harvard College in 1937, and was associated for two years with the Minot Real Estate and Trust office. He was in the class of 1942 in the Harvard Law School, became a member of the Massachusetts bar that year and is associated with the law firm of Peabody, Arnold, Batchelder and Luther of Boston. He is a member of the Somerset Club, the Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770, the Phoenix and the Signet Society of Harvard. He married December 2, 1939, at Brookline, Mass., Jane Phyllis Widener, daughter of James Garfield Widener and Isabelle Bowden Widener of Brookline. They reside at 86 Pinckney Street, Boston, and at Wareham, Mass. Child:

1. William VI

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