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William Minot IV, 2d child of William Minot III and Elizabeth Vredenburgh (Van Pelt) Minot, was born August 15, 1885, at Wareham, Mass. He graduated, A.B., from Harvard in 1907 and spent two years at the Harvard Law School. He married, 1st, June 23, 1908, at Brookline, Mass., Lucy Greenleaf Woodworth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Grafton Woodworth of Brookline, Mass. Mr. Woodworth was a wholesale tea merchant. Mrs. William Minot IV was born March 18, 1888, at Brookline, and died February 19, 1919, at Boston. Mr. Minot married, 2d, May 27, 1922, Elizabeth Howard Chapman, daughter of Reuben and Elizabeth Burgess (Harden) Chapman of Brewster, Mass., born July 1, 1894, at Brewster. He was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 1909 and began practice in the family office, then headed by his uncle, Laurence Minot, in Boston. That association continued until his uncle's death in 1921, when he succeeded to the extensive practice in trusteeships and management of real estate. He continued that practice until December 11, 1934, when he formed a partnership with Moses Williams and Francis R. Bangs, known as Minot, Williams and Bangs. His practice consisted exclusively in directing the management of real estate organizations throughout the country and of properties held for personal investment. Engaging in other lines of business, he was manager of the Boston Office of Embrie and Company, was president of the City Land Company, president of Minot, Kendall & Co., investment bankers, and was director and officer of numerous other large firms and corporations and during the first World War was director of building, housing and town site facilities, in Savannah, Ga. He was a cultivated musician and fine violinst. He was one of the best intercollegiate mile runners of his time and captained the Harvard track team. He resided winters at 142 Marlboro Street, Boston, and summers at Wareham, Mass. He died March 15, 1937, at Boston. Mrs. Minot resides at 898 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, Mass. Children, by his 1st wife, Lucy G. Woodworth:

1. Lucy Woodworth, b. December 12, 1909, at Boston, Mass.; d. April 28, 1910.

2. Grace Woodworth, b. November 7, 1911, at Topsfield, Mass. (B4A,132,2)

3. William V., b. September 23, 1914, at Brookline, Mass. (B4A,132,3)

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