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Stockbridge. He married in New York City October 15, 1857, Henrietta Ellery Sedgwick, his cousin, a daughter of Robert Sedgwick, B48, and Elizabeth Dana (Ellery) Sedgwick. She was born October 18, 1829, in New York City, and died February 22, 1899, at Stockbridge.

Mr. Sedgwick graduated at Harvard, A.B., in 1843 and for three years attended the Harvard Law School before forming the firm of Storrs and Sedgwick in New York City. In 1880 he retired from active law practice and removed to Stockbridge that the closing scenes of his career might be those of his boyhood. He had never ceased to regard Stockbridge as his permanent home. He was a member of The Century and Union League Clubs of New York City. He became interested in town and civic affairs but never held public office. He served more than twenty years as president of the Laurel Hill Association, the first village improvement society in the country, and took pleasure in bringing famous men to Stockbridge to deliver the annual addresses. As President and chief spirit in the formation of this development of American country and village life he presided at the annual meetings. A memorial was erected to him two years after his death by the Association. More than 500 persons attended the ceremonies. inspired by his love of civic merit. Many of national note come great distances to be present. Charles J. Bonaparte, Secretary of the Navy, and Ambassador Joseph Choate were among the speakers. Although a Unitarian he was a constant attendant at the services at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Stockbridge, of which he was a vestryman. Mrs. Sedgwick was also active in church and civic affairs. Children, Ellery born in New York City, the others at Stockbridge:

1. Jane Minot, b. July 30, 1859. (B47,41)

2. Henry Dwight III, b. September 24, 1861. (B47,42)

3. Theodore, b. August 2, 1863. (B47,43)

4. Alexander, b. January 24, 1867. (B47,44)

5. Ellery, b. February 27, 1872. (B47,45)

Jane Minot Sedgwick, only daughter of Henry Dwight Sedgwick (B47,4) and Henrietta Ellery (Sedgwick) Sedgwick, was born July 30, 1859, at Stockbridge, Mass. and died April 18, 1918, in Naples, Italy, where she lies buried. She married in 1914

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