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1940; and a church in Columbus, Ind. He has been connected with a department of the United States at Washington, D.C. He has built many large buildings and is working on a civic center for Detroit, dormitories for Drake University, and is in competition for the Jefferson Memorial for St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. Saarinen has been working on architectural sculpture for various architectural firms. They live at Vaughan Road, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Children (Saarinen):

1. Eric, b. June 26, 1942, at Birmingham, Mich. (B44,152,21)

2. Susan, b. January 20, 1945, at Detroit, Mich. (B44,152,22)

Henry Dwight Sedgwick, 7th child of Judge Theodore Sedgwick (B4) and Pamela (Dwight) Sedgwick, was born September 22, 1785, at Stockbridge and died in that town December 23, 1831. He married June 2, 1817, Jane Minot, daughter of Judge George Richards Minot and Mary Speakman Minot of Boston. She was born in 1795 and died February 24, 1859, in New York City. He graduated from Williams College in 1804 and was a lawyer of eminence, both as a practitioner and author, and was for a time a partner of his brother Robert in New York City. Children:

1. George Minot, b. May 28, 1818; d. January 7, 1821.

2. Jane, b. February 20, 1821, in New York City; d. February 12, 1869. (B47,2)

3. Frances. b. September 6, 1822, at Stockbridge, Mass. (B47,3)

4. Henry Dwight II, b. August 16, 1824, at Stockbridge, Mass. (B47,4)

5. Louisa Minot, b. October 24, 1826, at Stockbridge; d. October 13, 1841, at Stockbridge. (B47,5)

Henry Dwight Sedgwick II, 4th child of Henry Dwight Sedgwick (B47) and Jane (Minot) Sedgwick, was born August 16, 1824, at Stockbridge and died December 26, 1903, at Rome, Italy, where he had gone through declining health. He was buried at

The date for Jane's death is a typo. In the 1934 Manuscript the date is shown as 1889. She also appeared in the New York TImes Obituaries, 1889, with listed death dates of Feb 14 and Feb 15, but although listed as death dates, maybe these were publication dates.
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