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1. William Ladd, b. August 18, 1906, at West Medford, Mass. (B43,467,1)

2. John White, Jr., b. January 22, 1909, at West Medford, Mass. (B43,467,2)

3. Roger Haydock, b. December 7, 1910, at Milton, Mass. (B43,467,3)

4. Eleanor Hathaway, b. May 13, 1914, at Milton, Mass. (B43,467,4)

5. Phillips, b. November 14, 1917, at Washington, D.C. (B43,467,5)

William Ladd Hallowell, 1st child of Marian H. (Ladd) Hallowell (B43,467) and John White Hallowell, was born August 18, 1906, at West Medford, Mass. He has been connected with the Hamilton Propeller Company of Hartford, Conn. He married, 1st, Martha Mead of Washington, D.C., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Mead. They were divorced and he married, 2d, Margaret Dellinger Barney of Cambridge, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. Dellinger Barney of Cambridge, Mass. They live at Terry Plains Road, Simsbury, Conn. Children, by his first wife, Martha Mead:

1. Margaret Higginson, b. April 22, 1941, at Hartford, Conn. (B43,467,11)

By his second wife, Margaret D. Barney:

2. Christopher Ladd, b. October 14, 1945, at Boston, Mass. (B43,467,12)

John White Hallowell, Jr., 2d child of Marian (Ladd) Hallowell (B43,467) and John White Hallowell, was born January 22, 1909, at West Medford, Mass., and graduated, A.B., at Harvard in 1931 and Master of Business Administration, 1934. He married April 27, 1935, at Bedford, N.Y., Elizabeth Lapsley, daughter of John W. Lapsley and Eleanor Emmet Lapsley of that place. He was a member of the faculty of Groton School when he joined the Navy August 18, 1942, at Quonset Point, R.I., where he trained as a Lieutenant of the United States Navy Reserve in Naval Training School Indoctrination and in the Air Combat Intelligence School. He served on the USS Princeton from January 1943 to May 1944 in operations against Tarawa, Rabaul, the Solomons,

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