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at Olathe, Kansas, in the Naval Air Training School and became a full plane commander on 4-engined planes flying from Hawaii to the Islands and the United States. He went from service in October, 1945, as Lieutenant Commander and is with the Crocker Burbank Company as assistant secretary and trustee. He graduated A.B., at Harvard in 1932 and from the Harvard Business School in 1934. Children, all born at Boston (Crocker):

1. Nancy, b. April 3, 1934. (B43,466,21)

2. Alvah, 4th, b. January 7, 1936. (B43,466,22)

3. William Edwards Ladd, b. July 31, 1941. (B43,466,23)

Katharine Ladd, 3d child of William Edwards Ladd (B43,466) and Helen K. (Barton) Ladd, was born February 28, 1921, at Boston and married Haliburton Fales, who was a student at Harvard when he joined the United States Naval Reserve at Boston in July, 1940, trained at Northwestern University as Midshipman, served at Cape May, N.J., and in the Southern Pacific and was a Lieutenant Commander when discharged in August, 1945. He was a Columbia University law student in 1947. They live at Gladstone, N.J. Children (Fales):

1. Nancy, b. July 10, 1943. (B43,466,31)

2. Haliburton, Jr., b. May 31, 1946. (B43, 466,32)

Marian Hathaway Ladd, 7th child of Anna Russell (Watson) Ladd (B43,46) and William Jones Ladd, was born September 14, 1884, at Milton, Mass., and attended the Winsor School at Boston. She married October 10, 1905, at Milton John White Hallowell of West Medford, Mass., son of Norwood Penrose Hallowell and Sarah Haydock Hallowell. He died at Milton January 5, 1927. He graduated, A.B., at Harvard in 1901, entered the office of Stone & Webster at Boston, remained there until 1917, for several years a partner in the firm and joined the United States Food Administration, working with Hoover until the end of the first World War. In 1919 he became secretary to Secretary Franklin K. Lane in the Department of Interior and remained there until 1922 when he returned to Boston and conducted an independent business. Mrs. Hallowell resides at 1425 Brush Hill Road, Milton. Children (Hallowell):

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