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4. William Ladd, b. September 25, 1907, at Milton, Mass. (B43,464,4)

5. John Cutts, b. March 6, 1913, at Boston, Mass. (B43,464,5)

Katharine Ladd Storey, 1st child of Anna R. (Ladd) Storey (B43,464) and Richard Cutts Storey, was born July 3, 1889, at Gloucester, Mass. She attended Radcliffe College and married at Boston June 1, 1922, Theodore Lyman Storer, born at Waltham, Mass., August 30, 1896, son of John Humphries Storer and Edith (Paine) Storer. He was First Sergeant of the First Massachusetts Field Artillery and Second Lieutenant of the 101st Regiment, Field Artillery, in the First World War. He is with the R.M. Bradley Real Estate firm of Boston. They reside at 139 Coolidge Hill, Cambridge, Mass. Child (Storer):

1. Anna Ladd, b. November 22, 1923, at Boston, Mass. (B43,464,11)

Richard Cutts Storey, Jr., 2d child of Anna (Ladd) Storey and Richard Cutts Storey, was born October 27, 1902, at Boston, Mass. He graduated from Groton School and from Harvard, B.A., 1924, has been connected with the American Powder Company and with the Kidder Peabody brokerage firm. He was a member of the Massachusetts State Guard. He married January 19, 1929, at Boston, Mabel, daughter of Bayard Thayer and Ruth (Simpkins) Thayer of Lancaster, Mass. They live at Hamilton, Mass. Children, all born at Boston:

1. Ruth Bayard, b. November 8, 1929. (B43,464,21)

2. Richard Cutts, 3d, b. October 16, 1930. (B43,464,22)

3. Bayard Thayer, b. July 13, 1931. (B43,464,23)

Moorfield Storey, 3d child of Anna (Ladd) Storey and Richard Cutts Storey, was born January 27, 1905, at Boston, graduated at Groton School and at Harvard, A.B., in 1926 and married August 22, 1934, Dorothy Craven of Butte, Montana, daughter of George Warren Craven and Marthel (Arnold) Craven. He was a secretary at the Boston Public Library and during the recent war was in the national office of the TWA at Washington. They reside at 407 Pond

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