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and married in June, 1932, at Cleveland, Ohio, Barbara Wick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Myron A. Wick of that city. He has been an investment counsellor at Boston. They reside at 1045 Brush Hill Road, Milton, Mass. Children, all born at Boston:

1. Alexander Haven, 3d, b. July 9, 1934. (B43,463,21)

2. Myron Wick, b. October 20, 1936. (B43,463,22)

3. Patricia, b. March 17, 1946. (B43,463,23)

Robert Watson Ladd, 3d child of Alexander Haven Ladd (B43,463) and Eleanor Ware (Merriam) Ladd, was born December 20, 1903, at Milton, Mass., attended Harvard University between 1923 and 1928 and married April 16, 1937 at Milton, Helen Richmond, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carleton R. Richmond. For three years he was a member of the First Motor Squadron Massachusetts State Guard. Since 1940 he has been secretary and treasurer of the Massachusetts Investors Trust and Massachusetts Investors Second Fund. They reside at Center Street, Dover, Mass. Children, all born at Boston:

1. Robert Watson, Jr., b. February 28, 1940. (B43,463,31)

2. Carleton Richmond, b. February 19, 1942. (B43,463,32)

3. Elinor Richmond, b. October 22, 1946. (B43,463,33)

Anna Ladd, 4th child of Anna Russell (Watson) Ladd (B43,46) and William Jones Ladd, was born November 11, 1876, at Chicago. She attended Milton Academy and married in July, 1898, at Milton, Mass., Richard Cutts Storey of Brookline, Mass., son of Moorfield Storey and Anna Gertrude (Cutler) Storey of Brookline. He graduated, B.A., at Harvard in 1896 and at the Harvard Law School in 1898. He was a member of the Boston law firm of Storey, Thorndike, Palmer and Dodge. They resided at Boston where he died June 10, 1931. Mrs. Storey resides at 176 Robbins Street, Milton, Mass. Children (Storey):

1. Katharine Ladd, b. July 3, 1889, at Gloucester, Mass. (B43,464,1)

2. Richard Cutts, Jr., b. October 27, 1902, at Boston, Mass. (B43,464,2)

3. Moorfield, b. January 27, 1905, at Boston, Mass. (B43,464,3)

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