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He married, 1st, June 16, 1927, at Southborough, Mass., Josephine Choate, daughter of Charles Francis Choate and Louise (Burnett) Choate. They were divorced in 1935 and he married, 2d, April 1, 1937, in London, Eng., Frances Baker Wilbraham, daughter of Sir Philip Baker Wilbraham and Joyce (Kennaway) Baker Wilbraham of that city. They reside at 50 Holyoke Street, Cambridge, Mass.

James Handasyd Perkins, 2d child of Thomas Nelson Perkins (B43,441) and Louisa Catherine (Adams) Perkins, was born at Westwood, Mass., November 17, 1903, graduated at Milton Academy, took the degree A.B. in 1927 at Harvard College and graduated at the Harvard Law School. He is a member of the Boston law firm of Roper, Gray, Boyden & Perkins, to which his father belonged. He married June 28, 1930 at Sugar Hill, N.H., Marian Hungerford Gibbs, daughter of Rufus MacQueen Gibbs and Cornelia (Andrews) Gibbs of Baltimore. They resided at 210 Clapboard Street, Westwood, Mass. Children, all born at Boston:

1. Louisa Catherine, b. April 15, 1934. (B43,441,21)

2. James Handasyd, b. January 29, 1936. (B43,441,22)

3. Rufus MacQueen Gibbs, b. October 14, 1939. (B43,441,23)

Thomas Nelson Perkins, Jr., 3d child of Thomas Nelson Perkins (B43,441) and Louisa Catherine (Adams) Perkins, was born at Westwood, Mass., April 30, 1907, graduated at the Noble & Greenough School at Boston and at Harvard College, B.S., in 1931. He is connected with a Boston banking firm. He married June 2, 1939, Anne Bissell Houghton, daughter of Frederick Oakes Houghton and Mary (Laughlin) Houghton of Milton, Mass. They reside at Grove Street, Westwood, Mass. Children, both born at Boston:

1. Mary Laughlin, b. May 21, 1940. (B43,441,31)

2. Anne, b. July 15, 1941. (B43,441,32)

Elliot Perkins, 2d child of Jane Sedgwick (Watson) Perkins (B43,44) and Edward Cranch Perkins, was born October 3, 1873, at Milton, Mass., attended preparatory school at that place and

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