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firms such as the American Telephone & Telegraph Company, the First National Bank of Boston, the Southern Pacific Railroad, Loew's Inc., Stone & Webster, and the Guaranty Company of North America.

Robert F. Herrick, for many years chairman of the Harvard Rowing Committee, another distinguished lawyer and member of the Harvard Corporation, as well as a practically lifelong friend of Mr. Perkins, said at the dedication January 6, 1941, of The Thomas Nelson Perkins Room in Massachusetts Hall to the use of the President and Fellows of Harvard College:

"I love to think of it as a room for action from which great plans for the future of the country and humanity will be carried out. Were Nelson directing the course of the University from it I am sure he would follow the chart as long as the buoys could be clearly seen, but should the markers be destroyed or disappear, he would go boldly ahead into uncharted sea, never turing back, and perhaps seeing only one star ahead--Hope. That is what I hope may become the tradition of the Room, and so it will be a living, permanent tribute to the character and courage of a great soul. It will keep faith in men by keeping alive an appreciation of what this man was."

He married Louisa Catherine Adams, daughter of Charles Francis Adams and Mary (Ogden) Adams, June 6, 1900, at Lincoln, Mass. Mrs. Perkins was born December 28, 1871, at Quincy, Mass. She resides at 665 Clapboardtree Street, Westwood, Mass. Children, all born at Westwood, Mass.:

1. Elliott, b. March 16, 1901, at Westwood, Mass. (B43,441,1)

2. James Handasyd, 2d, b. November 17, 1903, at Westwood, Mass. (B43,441,2)

3. Thomas Nelson, Jr., b. April 30, 1907, at Westwood, Mass. (B43,441,3)

Elliott Perkins, 1st child of Thomas Nelson Perkins (B43,441) and Louisa Catherine (Adams) Perkins, was born at Westwood, Mass., March 16, 1901, and graduated, A.B., from Harvard in 1923; studied law 1923-25; was in the graduate school, 1925-28, taking the degree M.A.; and his Ph.D. degree in 1936. He is a lecturer in History on the Harvard faculty, Master of Lowell House and director of the War Service Bureau.

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