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returning to Boston in his later years. Children (Watson):

1. Sylvia Hathaway, b. July 23, 1834, at New York City. (B43,41)

2. Mary Forbes, b. July 18, 1836; d. unmarried February 5, 1891. (B43,42)

3. Louisa, twin, b. May 16, 1838; d. August 22, 1839. (B43,43)

4. Jane Sedgwick, twin, b. May 16, 1838, at New Bedford. (B43,44)

5. Adelaide Howard, b. August 16, 1841; d. November 13, 1869, unmarried. (B43,45)

6. Anna Russell, b. August 26, 1843. (B43,46)

7. Robert Clifford, b. September 10, 1847, at New York City. (B43,47)

8. Francis Sedgwick, b. May 29, 1853, at Milton, Mass. (B43,48)

9. Theodora Sedgwick, b. November 6, 1856, at Milton, Mass.; d. September 10, 1878, at Milton, Mass., unmarried. (B43,49)

(See B43,4, Robert Sedgwick Watson -m. Mary Taber Hathaway)

The Arthur Hathaway Family

"The Hathaway family descended from Arthur Hathaway, who married Sarah Cooke, daughter of John Cooke, 1610-1695--passenger with his father, Francis Cooke, on the Mayflower--and of John Cooke's wife, Sarah Warren, daughter of Richard Warren--Mayflower passenger, both signers of the Mayflower Compact. These families of the small gentry and yeoman farmer stock of Eastern England and Devonshire became in the Old Colony the governing and responsible class. They were the farmers and land-owners, and doctors, judges, sea-captains, the town officials and representatives of that highly selected stock which developed South-Eastern Massachusetts.

Arthur Hathaway, 1627 or 31-1711, is said by tradition to have been a soldier. It is not known from what place in England he came though the name is a well known one in Warwickshire.

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