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Helen Lawson Niebuhr, 1st child of Susan Ridley (Watson) Niebuhr (B43,24) and Charles Christopher Niebuhr, was born September 20, 1871, and married as his second wife James Swan of Haddonfield, N.J., a broker, October 5, 1916. The lived in Rhode Island.

Emma Watson, 5th child of Ebenezer H. (B43,2) and Elizabeth J. (Knapp) Watson, was born May 29, 1842, and died December 31, 1919, at Summit, N.J. She married January 17, 1888, in New York City, Oliver Cromwell Titus, a merchant. She died December 31, 1919, at Summit, N.J. He died May 15, 1927, at Summit.

Lindsey Watson, 8th child of Ebenezer H. Watson (B43,2) and Elizabeth J. (Knapp) Watson, was born February 21, 1849, in New York City, and died July 7, 1920. He married January 20, 1881, Genevieve Augusta Briggs, daughter of Isaac Varian Briggs and Elizabeth (Barker or Parker) Briggs, born January 26, 1855, and died February 20, 1895. Children:

1. Elizabeth Montgomery, b. December 26, 1881. (B43,281)

2. Ruth, b. December 19, 1883. (B43,282)

3. Marjorie, b. February 7, 1886. (B43,283)

4. Robert Sedgwick, b. February 23, 1888. (B43,284)

5. Genevieve Lindsey, b. March 3, 1890. (B43,285)

6. Evelyn Briggs, b. June 10, 1892; d. April 4, 1895.

Catherine Sears Watson, 3d child of Frances Pamela (Sedgwick) Watson (B43) and Ebenezer Watson, was born January 17, 1806, and married August 15, 1832, Rev. Abner Webb. They sailed from Boston, Mass., December 22, 1832, as Baptist missionaries to the Burman Empire. They arrived July 16, 1833, at Maulmain, Burma, not far from Rangoon. In 1837 they went up the Irrawaddy River in a rowboat to Ava, a few miles from Mandalay, where, after enduring for four months the perils of civil war, they set out for Rangoon which they reached in spite of sickness, storms and robbers, July 4, 1837. They set sail for home November 1, 1837, because of Mrs. Webb's continued illness. They arrived at New Bedford, Mass., January 3, 1838. Mrs. Webb

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