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1. James. (B34,11)

2. Jane. (B34,12)

3. Mary Ann, who in 1902 was unmarried and living in Shelby Center, Orleans County, N.Y. (B34,13)

Mary Pomeroy, 2d child of Joel and Thankful G. (Sedgwick) Pomeroy (B34) was born February 1, 1794, at Canaan, Conn., and married November 9, 1822, Charles W. Sweet of Stockbridge, Mass. They moved the next year to Wellington, Ohio, where he died August 23, 1826. The widow returned the next year to West Stockbridge, Mass., and kept a select school. Children, both born at Wellington, Ohio (Sweet):

1. Huldah A., b. September 23, 1823. (B34,21)

2. Gratia E., b. June 13, 1825. (B34,22)

Huldah A. Sweet, 1st child of Mary (Pomeroy) Sweet (B34,2) and Charles W. Sweet, was born September 23, 1923 (probably) at Wellington, Ohio, and died September 23, 1902, at Tyringham, Mass., and married, 1st, August 10, 1841, John Chamberlain, of West Stockbridge, Mass., who died December 10, 1873. She married, 2d, her cousin, Albert Sweet. Children, both by her first husband (Chamberlain):

1. Isadore, b. September 15, 1843, who married Thomas Curtis. (B34,211)

2. Lewis, b. July 17, 1849, who was living in West Stockbridge, Mass., in 1902. (B34,212)

Gratia E. Sweet, 2d child of Mary (Pomeroy) Sweet (B34,2) and Charles W. Sweet, was born June 13, 1825, at Wellington, Ohio, and married at Oneida, N.Y., July 10, 1843, Ira Morris of Oneida, an officer in a New York State volunteer regiment, who fell at the battle of Antietam. She was living at Merrittsville, N.Y., in 1892. Children (Morris):

1. Isabella, b. May 1845; married Langrave Wildes. (B34,221)

2. Scott Nearing, b. December 12, 1852. (B34,222)

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