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2. Elizabeth, b. June 20, 1839, in Canada; married November 19, 1859, James E. Seymour, in Canada. (B33,32)

3. Robert Sedgwick, b. February 8, 1842, in New York State; married November 12, 1863, Emily P. Gilbert. (B33,33)

4. Harriet, b. April 9, 1844; married June 15, 1871, Eugene Jones. (B33,34)

5. Jeannette S., b. June 13, 1847, in New York State; married July 28, 1873, Louis A. Dunn. (B33,35)

6. Catherine M., b. July 13, 1849; married April 1, 1874, William W. Dalrymple. (B33,36)

7. Mary Ann, b. February 30, 1854. (B33,37)

Thankful Gratia Sedgwick, 4th child of Benjamin, Jr. (B3), was born April 26, 1773, at Canaan, Conn., died in 1801 and was buried in Canaan Cemetery, near the grave of her father. She married in 1790, Joel Pomeroy of Canaan. Children: Joel, Phineas, Medad, Joseph. (POMEROY GENEALOGY, p. 344).

When about 14 years old, his father and brothers away in the Revolutionary Army, Joel went to live with the widow of Benjamin Sedgwick, Jr. He married eventually her daughter and they lived on the old Benjamin Sedgwick farm in Canaan. Later he was in the stage coach business. After Gratia's death he married Elizabeth Carey and removed to Oneida Castle, Oneida County, N.Y., about 1858, where he died. The children of Joel and Gratia (Sedgwick) Pomeroy, all born at Canaan, Conn., were:

1. Theodore, b. November 4, 1792. (B34,1)

2. Mary, b. February 1, 1794. (B34,2)

3. Eliza, b. December 9, 1796. (B34,3)

Theodore Pomeroy, 1st child of Thankful G. (Sedgwick) Pomeroy (B34), was born November 4, 1792, at Canaan, Conn., was in the stage business with his father several years, then bought and cultivated a large farm at Canaan, later moved to Nassau, N.Y., and finally lived at Medina, Orleans County, N.Y. He married at Chatham, N.Y., Edith Sutherland, and they had:

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