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Elizabeth Sedgwick, called "Betsey" in her father's will, 3d child of Benjamin Sedgwick, Jr. (B3) and Mary (Tuttle) Sedgwick, was born March 31, 1771, in Canaan, Conn., and died December 18, 1853, at Canton, N.Y. She married in 1803 Daniel Campbell, M.D., a merchant of Canton, born February 5, 1764, at Oxford, Mass., and died April 16, 1831, at Canton, leaving a large estate. Children (Campbell):

1. Eliza Gratia, b. November 19, 1805. (B33,1)

2. Robert Sedgwick, b. September 1808; d. aged 18.

3. George Washington, b. April 8, 1810. (B33,3)

4. Theodore, died at the age of two.

5. Robert, died at the age of 18 months.

Eliza Gratia, 1st child of Dr. Daniel and Elizabeth (Sedgwick) Campbell (B33), was born November 19, 1805, at Middlebury, Vt. She married at Canton, N.Y., March 2, 1829, Ebenezer G. Miner, a merchant of Canton, born November 23, 1794, at Cornwall, Vt., and died there September 14, 1871. He was the owner of Miner's block at Canton which burned twice and which he built three times. He left a large estate and endowed several public institutions. Children (Miner):

1. Elizabeth, b. November 25, 1829. (B33,11)

2. Charles Griswold, b. July 20, 1832. (B33,12)

3. Katherine, b. September 2, 1834. (B33,13)

4. George Campbell, b. 1839, at Canton, N.Y., d. nine months old.

5. Infant, b. 1842; d. aged 16 days.

6. Robert Sedgwick, b. 1845; d. aged six months.

7. Mary Louisa, b. November 5, 1846; m. at Sheldon, Vt., September 24, 1868, Richard B. Ellsworth, of Canton, N.Y. (B33,17)

8. Adah, b. 1849; d. aged sixteen days.

Elizabeth Miner, 1st child of Eliza Gratia (Campbell) Miner

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