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A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick
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Sedgwick, Ark. His business was conducted under the name of the Sedgwick Tie Company, of which he was president. After his death his youngest son, Lee Massachusetts Sedgwick, name taken from his home town, carried on the business under the same name. He inherited from his father control of the presidency of the Sedgwick Tie Company which manufactured wooden ties for railroad use. He never married but lived by himself in Kansas City, disposed of the plant and moved to San Diego, California, where he died.

Mr. Sedgwick promised the citizens of Sedgwick, Ark., that when they built a schoolhouse he would give them a bell. The building was not constructed until after his death but the matter was mentioned in his will and when the schoolhouse was completed in 1907 a fine bell of bronze, said to have cost $350, was sent. All of Mr. Sedgwick's five children were by his first wife. Lee was president of the railroad tie company as late as 1908. Frank was connected with railroads running out of Kansas City. No trace of any of the members of the family of George Washington Sedgwick could be found in Kansas City in 1945, in spite of the wholesale construction of railroad ties for the new railroads of that section for two or three decades. Children, all born at Indiana, Pa.:

1. Georgetta, b. September 11, 1851; d. April 12, 1877, at Kansas City, Mo.

2. Catherine Bell, b. June 3, 1853; d. of scarlet fever October 9, 1857, at Indiana, Pa.

3. Frank Fenn, b. February 11, 1855; with his father ran a sawmill; m. Belle Craig. (B31,83)

4. William Mackey, b. April 18, 1857; d. of scarlet fever, October 5, 1857, at Indiana, Pa.

5. Lee Massachusetts, b. April 9, 1860. (B31,85)

Mary Sedgwick, 2d child of Benjamin, Jr. (B3) and Mary (Tuttle) Sedgwick, was born in 1770 at Canaan, Conn., and died in 1845. She married in 1800 Elizur Goodwin, who died in 1810. She married, 2d, in 1813 Jabez Bigelow of New Lebanon, N.Y. Child (Goodwin):

1. William, who died when a young man. (B32,1)

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