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A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick
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1. Howard Josiah IV, b. September 4, 1941, at Glen Ridge, N.J. (B31,641,21)

2. Peter Sedgwick, b. June 6, 1943, at Louisville, Ky. (B31,641,22)

Jay Sherwald Stagg, 3d child of Clara A.R. (Sedgwick) Stagg (B31,641) and Howard Josiah Stagg, Jr., was born January 15, 1917, at Syracuse, N.Y., graduated at Phillips Exeter Academy, attended the University of Michigan, 1936-9, and is an engineer. He joined the Army at Syracuse and trained at Aberdeen, Md. and Fort Belvoir, Va. He was a Lieutenant in the Army Engineers at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

David Theodore Stagg, 4th child of Clara A.R. (Sedgwick) Stagg (B31,641) and Howard Josiah Stagg, Jr., was born March 20, 1921, at Syracuse, N.Y., and attended Middlebury College in the class of 1944. He married May 15, 1942, at Syracuse, N.Y., Evelyn Wheeler of Waterbury, Vt., and joined the Army Air Forces March 11, 1942, at Syracuse, N.Y. He had his pre-flight training at Maxwell Field, Ala., his basic flight work at Bainbridge Field, Georgia, and field and gunnery training at Denver and Laredo, Texas. He was with the counter intelligence corps and the Holabird Signal Department at Baltimore. He was discharged at Fort Dix January 11, 1946. Children:

1. Christie Aleda, b. January 6, 1943, at Syracuse, N.Y. (B31,641,41)

Mary Aleda Stagg, 5th child of Clara A.R. (Sedgwick) Stagg (B31,641) and Howard Josiah Stagg, Jr., was born February 24, 1923, at Syracuse, N.Y., graduated, A.B., at University of Wisconsin in 1945 and married April 12, 1945, at Syracuse Lieutenant Ralph Arlington Kresge, Jr. of that city, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Kresge. He joined the USNR Air Corps.

Sherwald Wyant Sedgwick, 2d child of Edward Marcus Sedgwick )B31,64) and Belle Bethany (Adams) Sedgwick, was born August 19, 1896, at Catskill, N.Y., and graduated, A.B., at the University of Michigan in 1919. He was captain of the track team in his senior year. He is in insurance at Syracuse, N.Y.

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