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A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick
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1. Edward Sedgwick, b. June 14, 1913. (B31,641,1)

2. Howard Josiah, 3d, b. October 4, 1915. (B31,641,2)

3. Jay Sherwald, b. January 15, 1917. (B31,641,3)

4. David Theodore, b. March 20, 1921. (B31,641,4)

5. Mary Aleda, b. February 24, 1923. (B31,641,5)

Edward Sedgwick Stagg, 1st child of Clara A.R. (Sedgwick) Stagg (B31,641) and Howard Josiah Stagg, Jr., was born June 14, 1913, at Syracuse, N.Y., married Jane Steiner of Wyoming, Ohio, March 8, 1940, at Detroit, Mich., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Steiner, entered the Navy August 7, 1942, and was discharged at Camp Dix January 11, 1946. He was for two years on a submarine chaser in the Atlantic. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan (1936). He is connected with an advertising firm in Detroit. His address is 713 Center Building of the city. Children:

1. Susan Belle, b. October 19, 1940. (B31,641,11)

2. Polly Melinda, b. March 2, 1946. (B31,641,12)

Howard Josiah Stagg III, 2d child of Clara A.R. (Sedgwick) Stagg (B31,641) and H.J. Stagg, Jr., was born October 4, 1915, at Syracuse, N.Y., and graduated, A.B., in 1937 at the University of Michigan from the Economics course. He was a junior executive in the Public Service Electric and Gas Company, Newark, N.J., 1937-1941, when he was called October 1, 1941, to active duty with the Fourth Armored Division at Pine Camp, N.Y., where he trained, receiving promotions as First Lieutenant, Captain and Major. He served at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and took part in the Tennessee anc California Desert maneuvers and in the Fourth Army maneuvers in Texas. He served with the General Staff in Central and South America in 1944 and with the Operations Division, War Department General Staff, in Washington, D.C. as an engineer. He was discharged October 30, 1945, at the Rhoads General Hospital and in 1946 was a graduate student in insurance at the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce at the University of Pennsylvania. He plans to be a life insurance underwriter at Newark, N.J. He married September 11, 1939, at Skowhegan, Maine, Carolyn M. Brown, daughter of Dr. Ray Clifton Brown and Ethel Blanche Brown. His address in 1947 was 3619 Locust Street, Philadelphia (4), Pa. Children:

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