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Roderick Sedgwick, 12th child of General John Sedgwick (B2) and Abigail (Andrews) Sedgwick, was born January 26, 1785, at Cornwall, Conn., and died January 4, 1864, in New York City. He married at Albany, N.Y., May 5, 1814, Margaret Stuart Dean, daughter of Captain Stewart and Margaret (Whetten) Dean. Captain Stewart Dean was born in Maryland but resided at Albany where he died at the age of 85 at the home of his son-in-law, Roderick.

Captain Dean, as importer, merchant, military leader against the Indians and in the Colonial Wars and head of privateering expeditions, as an English and later a United States captain, had a brilliant career. A monument was erected in his honor at Albany in 1940, with impressive ceremonies. His career was widely reviewed at that time. William J. Wiljus, eminent engineer, tunnel and bridge builder, wrote at this time an elaborate memorial volume dedicated to him with a valuable sketch of the life of the distinguished early United States citizen. It is available, typed in several libraries, largely in New York State. Captain Dean's wife, Margaret Whetten Dean, died at Lima, N.Y., at the age of 92 (TODD FAMILY HISTORY). Margaret died March 13, 1850, in New York City.

Roderick Sedgwick located in Albany when a young man. In a letter dated at that place December 12, 1806, to his father, commenting upon the war then in progress in Europe, he expressed sentiments similar to those uttered more than a century later during the First World War and again expressed during the Second World War, showing fear for the political existence of European nations and also for the safety of America. Roderick and his family continued to reside in Albany until about 1825, when they removed to New York City where he was a broker at 62 Wall Street. They resided at 41 Ninth Street. Children:

1. Margaret Stuart, b. March 5, 1815, at Albany. (B2C,1)

2. Sarah, b. July 13, 1817, at Albany; d. unmarried November 20, 1907.

3. Mary Schuyler, b. July 19, 1819, at Albany; d. unmarried April 12, 1912.

4. Roderick, b. January 14, 1822, at Albany. (B2C,4)

5. Katharine Whetten, b. March 24, 1824, at Albany. (B2C,5)

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