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promptly than did the Army and their work, showing warships of all classes at a distance on a standardized water surface, was remarkably well done.

This original bit of research contributed an important chapter to the development of recognition of aircraft.

He entered the United States Air Corps July 16, 1942, as Major because of age and previous service in the Rhode Island militia and in the Army in World War I and was discharged at Fort Devens, Mass., July 29, 1945. He trained as instructor in recognition of aircraft, surface craft (warships, merchant vessels, landing craft and submarines and armored vehicles). They reside at 15 Abbotsford Place, Providence, R.I. Children:

1. Rose, b. August 31, 1922, at Syracuse, N.Y.; attended Sweet Briar College, Va. (B2A,3C4,1)

2. Frederick Rowland, b. June 11, 1923, at Flushing, L.I., N.Y. (B2A,3C4,2)

3. Mary Peace, b. May 22, 1925, at New York City. (B2A,3C4,3)

4. Charles Michael, b. August 18, 1931, at Providence, R.I.; attended Moses Brown School of that city. (B2A,3C4,4)

Frederick Rowland Hazard, 3d, second son of F.R. Hazard, 2d, and Rosalie (Belden) Hazard, was born June 11, 1923, at Flushing, L.I., and attended Brown University. He entered the U.S. Army in February, 1943, and was assigned to the Amphibious Engineers and trained at Camp Edward, Mass. He was chosen for the ASTP and completed his engineering course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which had been begun in his two years at Brown University. He had a brief service in the infantry at Camp Gordon, Ga., was assigned to the 256th Engineer Combat Battalion and completed his training in England, crossing to the continent December 24, 1944. With the 256th Battalion he served with various divisions, including the 3d, 63d and 101st Airborne and several corps, including the 6th and 21st. His unit built the first United States bridge across the Danube. He is in 1947 a T/4 Sergeant with his outfit at Frankfort. Germany.

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