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Reserve as an Ensign at Washington, D.C., in February, 1942, and trained at Anacostia United States Air Station near Washington, D.C. with the Photographic Interpretation Unit, became an Ensign and was a Lieutenant when discharged at Washington, D.C., October 28, 1945. He resides at 234 Brattle Street, Cambridge, Mass. In 1946 he was a student at the Harvard Law School. He married April 11, 1942 at New York City Anne Byrd Reed, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Horace G. Reed of that city.

Sarah Sedgwick Hazard, 2d child of Dora Gannett (Sedgwick) Hazard (B2A,3C) and Frederick Rowland Hazard of Syracuse, was born August 2, 1889, at Syracuse, N.Y. She married May 25, 1911, at that place Martin Hobart Knapp, son of Mary (Hobart) Knapp and Justus Niles Knapp of Homer, N.Y. He graduated at Wesleyan University, Connecticut, class of 1905 and practiced in Syracuse as a lawyer until 1913. He was an official of the Solvay Process Company until 1921 when he retired. Mr. and Mrs. Knapp reside at Old Trees, Cazenovia, N.Y., where all the children were born and are all living. They are (Knapp):

1. Robert Hazard, b. September 22, 1913. (B2A,3C2,1)

2. Peter Hobart, b. June 30, 1916. (B2A,3C2,2)

3. Sarah Sedgwick, b. June 25, 1919. (B2A,3C2,3)

4. Judith, b. June 20, 1922; graduated at Bennington College in 1941; is in occupational therapy at Boston, Mass.

Robert Hazard Knapp, 1st child of Sarah Sedgwick (Hazard) Knapp (B2A,3C2) and Martin Hobart Knapp, was born September 22, 1913, at Syracuse, N.Y., and graduated, A.B., at Harvard in 1936. He was not accepted by the Army for physical reasons but was from 1943 to 1945 connected with the Boston Ordinance Division. He married January 16, 1943, at Boston Faith Thoron, daughter of Ward Thoron and Louise (Hooper) Thoron of Boston, where they reside at 86 Mount Vernon Street. Children, both born at Boston, Mass.:

1. Robert Hazard, Jr., b. May 18, 1944. (B2A,362,11)

2. Michael Sturgis, b. March 29, 1946. (B2A,362,12)

Peter Hobart Knapp, 2d child of Sarah Sedgwick (Hazard) Knapp

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