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14, 1923, at Narragansett, R.I., Stephen Foster Hunt, son of Daniel Hunt, born in 1880 at Providence; Brown University, 1904. He is vice president of the Nicholson File Company of Providence, R.I., where they reside at 233 Medway Street. Children, by first marriage (Witherby):

1. Constance, b. September 5, 1913, at Solvay, N.Y.; d. August 30, 1929, at Saas Fee, Switzerland. (B2A,3C1,1)

2. Thomas Hazard, b. June 24, 1915, at Solvay, N.Y. (B2A,3C1,2)

3. Frederick Rowland Hazard, b. December 17, 1917, at Solvay, N.Y. (B2A,3C1,3)

By second marriage (Hunt):

4. Deborah, b. June 15, 1925, at Providence, R.I.; graduated at Pembroke College, 1946; resides at home. (B2A,3C1,4)

Thomas Hazard Witherby, 2d child of Dorothy (Hazard) Witherby (B2A,3C1) and Edwin Chaplin Witherby, was born June 24, 1915, at Solvay, N.Y., graduated from the Loomis School, Windsor, Conn., in 1934, studied in France a year, received the B.S. from Harvard in 1938 and did graduate work in physics and mathematics at Brown University. He never served in the armed forces but is a research physicist on the United States roster of scientific and technical personnel, working as a civilian employee of the United States Navy on a de-Gaussing project for nearly two years, first at Washington, D.C., later in Porto Rico. He then worked on radar in the intercollegiate project, guided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He ranked as a Lieutenant. He was discharged at Washington, D.C. October 28, 1945. He married Mrs. Marianne Jones Holder of Buffalo, N.Y., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Merle Jones of Jamestown, N.Y., at Jamestown December 6, 1947. They reside at 978 Colvin Avenue, Kenmore (17), N.Y.

Frederick Rowland Hazard Witherby, 3d child of Dorothy (Hazard) Witherby (B2A,3C1) and Edwin Chaplin Witherby, was born December 17, 1891, graduated at Milton Academy in 1938 and Harvard, A.B., in 1940, joined the United States Naval

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