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of James G. Tracy and Sarah (Osgood) Tracy, born June 25, 1840, at Syracuse and died there January 31, 1909. He was a wholesale tea and coffee dealer at Syracuse and was also secretary and treasurer of the Solvay Process Company. Children, all born at Syracuse (Tracy):

1. Charles Sedgwick, b. September 10, 1869. (B2A,331)

2. Sarah (Sally), b. April 14, 1871; d. January 5, 1875.

3. James Grant, b. December 24, 1873. (B2A,333)

4. Lyndon Sanford, b. October 28, 1875. (B2A,334)

5. Frank Sedgwick, b. March 24, 1879. (B2A,335)

Charles Sedgwick Tracy, 1st child of Ellen A. (Sedgwick) Tracy (B2A,33) and Osgood V. Tracy, was born September 10, 1869, at Syracuse, N.Y., and died May 31, 1928, at that place. He graduated at Cornell in 1891 and was for years president of the O.V. Tracy & Company, wholesale coffee merchants of Syracuse. He died May 31, 1928. He married at Detroit, Michigan, October 16, 1909, Ruth Pickering of that city, who died in 1911. No children.

James Grant Tracy, 3d child of Ellen A. (Sedgwick) Tracy (B2A,33) and Osgood V. Tracy, was born December 24, 1873, at Syracuse, N.Y., and died there September 17, 1943. He graduated, Ph.B., at Cornell in 1897 and received the degree LL.B. there in 1900. He married October 2, 1901, at Rome, Ga., Florinda Bayard Seay, born April 5, 1880, in that city, daughter of John and Florinda (Bayard) Seay. From 1900 until his death he practiced law in Syracuse, where he was Corporation Counsel and a member of the law firm of Tracy, Chapman and Tracy. His widow resides at 622 Dewitt Street, Syracuse. Children, all born at Syracuse:

1. Osgood Vose, 2d, b. October 27, 1902. (B2A,333,1)

2. John Bayard, b. December 10, 1904. (B2A,333,2)

3. Ellen Sedgwick, b. June 9, 1908. (B2A,333,3)

4. Charles Sedgwick, 2d, b. June 11, 1911. (B2A,333,4)

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