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Dennison Sedgwick, daughter of General Charles F. Sedgwick, of Sharon, Conn., was appointed to a clerkship in the War Department, one of the first women to hold such a Federal position. She remained in it forty years. The late James G. Tracy of the Syracuse bar (B2A,333) wrote reminiscently as follows:

"There are eight grandchildren of Charles B. Sedgwick, of whom I am one, living on the old Sedgwick farm which, after the death of our grandparents, we made into the loveliest residential section in Syracuse. Three of us, myself included, live on Sedgwick Drive. The name is so popular that the city has named two streets in the vicinity Sedgwick Road and Sedgwick Street, as well as the one we named Sedgwick Drive." Children by first wife, Ellen Chase Smith:

1. Charles Ethan, b. August 2, 1838, at Pompey, N.Y.; d. March 8, 1839, at Pompey.

2. Charles Henry, b. January 11, 1840; d. February 4, 1840, at Pompey.

3. Ellen Amelia, b. November 2, 1841, at Pompey. (B2A,33)

4. Catherine Maria, b. September 2, 1844, at Syracuse; d. June 20, 1846, at Syracuse.

5. Charles Hamilton, b. May 22, 1846. (B2A,35)

By second wife, Deborah W. Gannett, all born at Syracuse:

6. Anna Baldwin. (B2A,36)

7. Sarah White, b. 1853. (B2A,37)

8. Frank Lyndon, drowned aged 12 years.

9. Katharine Maria, b. 1856. (B2A,39)

10. Jessie May, twin, d. in infancy.

11. Fanny Clary, twin, d. in infancy.

12. Dora Gannett, b. August 13, 1864. (B2A,3C)

Ellen Amelia Sedgwick, 3d child of Charles B. Sedgwick (B2A3) and Ellen C. (Smith) Sedgwick, was born November 2, 1841, at Pompey Hill, N.Y., and died July 31, 1924, at Syracuse, N.Y. She married at Syracuse June 19, 1867, Osgood Vose Tracy, son

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