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French Artillery. He instructed some of the first American troops in France and won the Croix de Guerre. He is also an officer of the Legion of Honor. They were divorced in August, 1932, at Paris. She married, 2d, in New York City April 27, 1939, Prince Kyril Scherbatow who graduated from the military school at St. Petersburg in 1917 and served with General Denekin in the White Army. After the evacuation he served with the British Navy in the Black Sea as interpreter on the Seraph and the Montrose, going in 1922 to Constantinople, thence to Belgrade. He was decorated by the British Distinguished Service Order. He applied for United States citizenship in New York City November 18, 1940. He is son of Prince Paul Scherbatow and Princess Anna Bariatinsky. His parents reside in Brussels. Prince and Princess Scherbatow reside at 168 East 63d Street, New York City. Children by her first husband (Munroe):

1. Henry Whitney, b. August 16, 1920, at New York City. (B2A,124,11)

2. John, Jr., b. May 8, 1925, at Paris France. (B2A,124,12)

Henry Whitney Munroe, 1st child of Adelaide Eugenia (Sedgwick) Munroe (B2A,124,1) and John Munroe, was born August 16, 1920, at New York City, graduated at Harvard College in 1945 as of the class of 1943, A.B., and is a New York City banker. He lives at 159 East 70th Street, N.Y. He entered the Army Air Force at Fort Jay, N.Y., July 2, 1942, and became Staff Sergeant.

John Munroe, Jr., 2d child of Adelaide Eugenia (Sedgwick) Munroe (B2A,124,1) and John Munroe, was born May 8, 1925, at Paris, France, graduated at St. Mark's School, Southboro, Mass., and at Harvard in 1946. He was at Harvard in 1947. He was in the Infantry, Engineers Combat, in the Second World War with the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Aileen Sedgwick, 2d child of Harry J. Sedgwick (B2A,124) and Adelaide (Beales) Sedgwick, was born July 29, 1897, in New York City and married, 1st, November 14, 1917, in that city James Blackstone Taylor, Jr., born September 23, 1897, also in New York City, son of J.B. Taylor and Lydia Thorne Taylor. He was connected with an airplane company and was Lieutenant Commander,

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