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Emily Sedgwick, 4th child of Benjamin Sedgwick (B29) and Oliver (Collins) Sedgwick, was born November 6, 1819, at Cornwall, Conn., and died May 5, 1902, at Norfolk, Conn. She married as his second wife in 1866 Dr. William Wickham Welch of Norfolk, Conn., at her home in Cornwall. They resided at Norfolk. Dr. Welch preceded her in death by several years. They had no children but left two stepchildren, Mrs. W. Stuart-Walcott of New York Mills, N.Y., and Professor William Henry Welch of Johns Hopkins University, who was termed dean of American scientific medicine. He died in Baltimore April 30, 1934, at the age of 84. Mrs. Emily Sedgwick Welch was a favorite with her brother, Major General John Sedgwick and carried on a correspondence with him during his entire military career. Many of these letters were preserved and have been published in two volumes entitled LETTERS OF GENERAL JOHN SEDGWICK.

Stephen Sedgwick, 10th child of the first General John Sedgwick (B2) and Abigail (Andrews) Sedgwick, was born March 1, 1773, at Cornwall, Conn., and died about 1830 in Cincinnati, Ohio. A twin sister died in infancy. He married at Litchfield, Conn., July 17, 1811, Anne Baldwin, born December 19, 1786, at Litchfield, daughter of Major Isaac Baldwin and Hannah (Sackett) Baldwin, a daughter of Rev. Samuel Sackett of Yorktown, N.Y. Isaac Baldwin was a son of Isaac Baldwin and Anne (Collins) Baldwin. Stephen attended Yale College, then studied probably at the historic Litchfield Law School, and practiced successfully at Ithaca, N.Y., and Cincinnati. He and his bride drove by coach from Connecticut to Pompey, N.Y. The vehicle in which this trip was made is still in good condition, in possession of his great-granddaughter, Mrs. Dora G. Hazard of Syracuse, N.Y. He and his wife were divorced about 1818 and she married, 2d, September 12, 1819, Daniel Gott, who had been her husband's law clerk. Mr. Gott was later elected to the New York State Senate. Several children were born to this union. Mr. Gott died in July, 1864, and his widow several years afterward at Rochester, N.Y. The three sons of Stephen and Anne (Baldwin) Sedgwick, all born at Ithaca, were:

1. Henry James, b. June 4, 1812. (B2A,1)

2. John, b. August 13, 1814; d. June 5, 1824.

3. Charles Baldwin, b. March 15, 1815. (B2A,3)

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