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Cornwall Conn., and died there July 22, 1919. She married December 19, 1900, Charles L. Gold, son of Theodore Sedgwick Gold of Cornwall, her fifth cousin and a descendant of Sarah Sedgwick and Rev. Hezekiah Gold. The descendants are given under the male line. (See B15,318).

John R. Sedgwick, 4th and youngest child of Harry Sedgwick (B29,15) and Katharine (Reed) Sedgwick, was born March 17, 1876, at Cornwall Hollow, Conn., and died at Sharon, Conn., February 22, 1906. He married in 1900 Caroline Bell Bowman of Torrington and they lived on farms in Cornwall and Torrington, Conn. Mrs. Sedgwick married, 2d, August 9, 1920, at Falls Village, Conn., James R. Thornley, a general contractor, son of James Thornley, a farmer. They live at 90 Brayton Avenue, Fall River, Mass. Children by her first husband:

1. Ralph Edgerton, b. January 6, 1901, at Cornwall Hollow, Conn. (B29,154,1)

2. Katharine Reed, b. August 30, 1902, at Cornwall Hollow, Conn. (B29,154,2)

3. Charles Newton, b. May 10, 1904, at Sharon, Conn. (B29,154,3)

4. John Harry, b. February 14, 1906, at Sharon, Conn. (B29,154,4)

Ralph Edgerton Sedgwick, 1st child of John Reed Sedgwick (B29,154) and Caroline B. (Bowman) Sedgwick, was born January 6, 1901, at Cornwall Hollow and married Ethel Mae Jones of Bakersville, Conn., July 20, 1923. His address is unknown. Mrs. Sedgwick secured a divorce. She resides at Bakersville, New Hartford, Conn. Children:

1. Allyn Edgerton, b. June 22, 1924, at Hartford, Conn. (B29,154,11)

2. Malcolm Wheeler, b. November 12, 1925, at Hartford, Conn. (B29,154,12)

3. Upton Close, b. October 5, 1928, at Torrington, Conn.; d. June 3, 1930, at Hartford, Conn.

Allyn Edgerton Sedgwick, 1st child of Ralph Edgerton Sedgwick

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