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Richard Lyman Sedgwick, 5th child of Benjamin Sedgwick (B29,152) and Gertrude (Merwin) Sedgwick, was born December 20, 1905, at Cornwall, Conn., and married Marcy 20, 1926, at Dalton, Mass., Agnes Gaudette of Dalton, daughter of Archie and Clara (Adams) Gaudette. He is connected with the Crane Company paper firm of Dalton, where they reside at 24 Lake Street. Children (Sedgwick):

1. Richard Lyman, Jr., b. March 29, 1927, at Pittsfield, Mass. (B29,152,51)

2. Robert John, b. April 7, 1931, at Pittsfield, Mass. (B29,152,52)

3. Thomas Lucrene, b. April 15, 1933, at Torrington, (Conn. (B29,152,53)

4. Merwin Charles, b. June 1, 1939, at Pittsfield, Mass. (B29,152,54)

Volney Merwin Sedgwick, 8th child of Benjamin Sedgwick (B29,152) and Gertrude (Merwin) Sedgwick, was born at Cornwall Hollow December 2, 1912, in the house that Major General John Sedgwick built during the Civil War for his home. He is a graduate of the Pittsfield, Mass., High School. He married Florence Matthews, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Matthews of that city. He is connected with the General Electric Company of Pittsfield and lives at 21 Spring Street. Children, both born at Pittsfield, Mass.:

1. Sharon Ann, b. April 3, 1939. (B29,152,81)

2. David Shaun, b. November 23, 1942. (B29,152,82)

Clara Bernice Sedgwick 9th and youngest child of Benjamin (B29,152) and Gertrude (Merwin) Sedgwick, was born at Cornwall Hollow June 1, 1914, graduated from the Berkshire Business College, Pittsfield, Mass., and is secretary for the advertising manager of the Plastic Division of the General Electric Co., Pittsfield, where she resides at 19 Elmer Avenue.

Clara Benton Sedgwick, 3d child of Harry Sedgwick (B29,15) and Katharine (Reed) Sedgwick, was born January 25, 1874, at

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