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4. James. Died probably in the U.S. Army during the early part of the Civil War unmarried. (B23,24)

Lucretia Sedgwick, 3d child of Henry Sedgwick (B23) and Hannah (Rogers) Sedgwick, was born at Cornwall Hollow about 1799 and died October 11, as per her monument at the Hollow. She married Frederick Yale of Canaan, Conn., where they lived many years. (Children (Yale):

1. Henry, b. December 11, 1821; d. April 17, 1900; residence, Torrington, Conn.; m. 1st, December 30, 1845, Caroline Wilcox; 2d, Mrs. Julie Preston, residence 330 Main Street, Torrington, Conn., March 1, 1882. (Note--Henry is given in the YALE GENEALOGY. The Sedgwick account does not have his name.) (B23,31)

2. Jane, b. October 21, 1823; m. Miner Howe of Canaan, Conn., November 18, 1841; d. March 16, 1905. (B23,32)

3. Annie Fally, b. July 26, 1824 (1827 Yale Gen.); m. David Scoville of Goshen, Conn.; d. May 22, 1892, at Naugatuck, Conn. Her son wrote, "Ann F. was the mother of Murray W. Scoville." (B23,33)

4. John D., b. August 30, 1827; m. Eliza Hewitt of Litchfield, Conn.; d. April 24, 1905; buried at Hartford, Conn. (B23,34)

John Edward Sedgwick, 4th child of Henry Sedgwick (B23) and Hannah (Robers) Sedgwick, was born in 1808, at Cornwall Hollow and died December 4, 1892, aged 84. He married December 27, 1835, Lucy A. Brown of Cornwall, who died August 10, 1887. He kept a tavern near Canaan. Of their six children the first five were born at Cornwall Hollow and the last at Canaan:

1. John Edward, Jr., b. October 13, 1836. (B23,41)

2. Lucy J., b. October 27, 1838. (B23,42)

3. Benjamin, b. May 7, 1842. (B23,43)

4. Henry R., b. April 22, 1844. (B23,44)

5. Charlotte, b. April 25, 1845. (B23,45)

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