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Stangland (B21,43) and Benjamin F. Stangland, was born October 5, 1881, at Kendall, N.Y. He graduated, M.E., and took a year's post graduate work at Columbia University. He was president of his class in his junior year. He was on the Columbia football eleven three years and its captain in 1904. He won the broad jump at the intercollegiate meet in 1904. He married March 17, 1917, Susie Bryant, daughter of Alexander Bryant and Margaret (Johnston) Bryant of New York City. He is president of the Recovery Holding Corporation of New York City and is a consulting engineer. He resides at No.1 Leighton Avenue, Yonkers, N.Y., and Riverside, Conn.

Henry Sedgwick, 3d child of General John Sedgwick (B2) and Abigail (Andrews) Sedgwick, was born September 13, 1767, at Cornwall Hollow, Conn., died December 3, 1811, and was buried at Cornwall Hollow, where his monument stands. He married December 19, 1793, Hannah Rogers, daughter of Captain Edward Rogers, born May 29, 1776, and died September 4, 1856, as per her monument at the Hollow. Children, all born at Cornwall Hollow:

1. Anna, m. Mr. Barnes, moved to Ohio, then to Indiana. (B23,1)

2. Fally. (B23,2)

3. Lucretia. (B23,3)

4. John Edward. (B23,4)

Fally Sedgwick, 2d child of Henry Sedgwick (B23) and Hannah (Rogers) Sedgwick, was born at Cornwall Hollow about 1802 and died May 8, 1854, as per her monument at the Hollow. She married Allen Landon of Salisbury, Conn., and they settled at Canaan, Conn. Children (Landon):

1. Henry. He moved first to Ohio, then farther west and died before 1908.

2. Sarah. Died in the old homestead on Sugar Hill, unmarried.

3. George. Died in the old homestead on Sugar Hill, unmarried.

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