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the cornfield, of going to the garden for vegetables and finding a rattlesnake coiled, of the terror of the tornado and seeking shelter in the dugout and of the fever which she suffered and which finally caused them to return east. They returned to Connecticut about 1861, locating at West Hartford and later at Southington, where his father was interested in a copper mine. Their four youngest children were born on the farm at Southington. They removed in 1888 to New Britain, Conn. Children:

1. Mary Caroline, b. December 1, 1852. (B21,211)

2. Charlie, b. in Conn.; d. at Lee, Center, Ill.

3. Child, born at Lee Center, died at birth.

4. Harriet, b. October 13, 1857. (B21,214)

5. Elizabeth, b. January 6, 1860. (B21,215)

6. Emma, b. April 16, 1862. (B21,216)

7. Sarah, b. November 23, 1865. (B21,217)

8. Henry Russell, b. March 25, 1868, twin. (B21,218)

9. Harry John, b. March 25, 1868, twin. (B21,219)

10. Josephine, b. August 3, 1873. (B21,21A)

Mary Caroline Sedgwick, 1st child of John Russell Sedgwick (B21,21) and Henrietta (Joraleman) Sedgwick, was born December 1, 1852, at Elizabethport, N.J. She married, 1st, July 26, 1871, Arthur Cowles Gridley, a farmer of Southington, Conn., son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Root Gridley and they resided at Southington until his death March 5, 1926. She married, 2d, Henry Champlin Roberts of East Hartford, Conn., son of Jason Roberts and Eliza (Champlin) Roberts. He died September 23, 1933, at East Hartford. She resided, 93 years old, with her daughter, Mrs. Addie May Smith, at 115 Hoover Avenue, Bristol, Conn., when she died March 10, 1945. Children, all born at Southington and all by her first husband (Gridley):

1. Etta Josephine, b. August 14, 1872; d. February 16, 1888, at Newark, N.J.

2. Joseph Root, b. October 26, 1876; he was a grocer and died suddenly at Bristol, Conn., May 23, 1919.

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