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Andrew Jackson. In 1830 he removed from Cornwall Hollow to Litchfield, Conn., and resided there a quarter century. In 1834 he was appointed High Sheriff of Litchfield County. He held that office with the exception of one term of three years until 1854 when the legislature appointed him Commissioner of the School Fund of Connecticut, which came from lands owned in the midwest. In 1855 he removed to Hartford. Children:

1. John Russell, February 23, 1824. (B21,21)

2. Mary H., b. May 26, 1825. (B21,22)

3. Catharine H., b. December 20, 1826. (B21,23)

4. Eliphalet Buel, b. February 28, 1929. (B21,24)

5. Albert, b. March 13, 1831. (B21,25)

6. Theodore, b. December 16, 1832. (B21,26)

7. Dwight, b. July 2, 1834; d. before 1877.

8. Charles F., b. January 22, 1837. (B21,28)

9. Elizabeth B., b. November 25, 1839. (B21,29)

John Russell Sedgwick, oldest child of Albert Sedgwick (B21,2) and Lucy Mary (Hunt) Sedgwick, was born February 23, 1824, at Litchfield, Conn., and died December 14, 1897, at New Britain, Conn. He married May 5, 1851, Henrietta Joraleman, daughter of Richard Varick Joraleman of Belleville, N.J., born May 20, 1832, at Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y. John inherited a love for the out-of-doors. In his youth, with his wife and two small children, he went West, locating at Lee Center, Lee County, Illinois, where they lived several years on a farm in a one room cabin. The nearest railroad was sixteen miles away over a trackless prairie and the nearest timber was eight miles distant. About his cabin he planted an orchard and laid out his garden. The rich soil yielded abundant harvest. He was in his element when the farm work was done and he took his rifle to hunt the game which abounded. It was not comfortable for his wife to be left alone. Two more children were born at Lee Center. In after years she told her children some of her experiences there, of the day little Charlie died while the father was away for timber, of the day she looked out of the window and saw the prairie wolves digging up the grave of her baby who died at birth, of the day she was lost in

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