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Mo., resides at 350 Cadillac Boulevard, Detroit 14, Mich. (B13,A21,1)

2. Martha Gold, b. April 22, 1893, at Jacksonville, Ill. (B13,A21,2)

3. Thomas Gold, b. October 31, 1896, at Jacksonville, Ill. (B13,A21,3)

4. Frederick Lincoln Gold, b. September 13, 1895, at Jacksonville, Ill.; d. at Jacksonville in April, 1896.

Martha Gold Hayden, 2d child of Sarah M. (Gold) Hayden (B13,A21) and Frederick Smith Hayden, was born April 22, 1893, at Jacksonville, Ill., and married George Owen Bradford, June 11, 1914, at that place. They live at 1416 Harlem Boulevard, Rockford, Ill. Children (Bradford):

1. Martha Gold, b. May 31, 1915, at Waverly, Ill. (B13,A21,21)

2. Ellen Mae, b. March 17, 1917, at Rockford, Ill. (B13,A21,22)

3. Frederick Hayden, b. March 28, 1922, at Columbus, O. (B13,A21,23)

4. Mary Virginia, b. March 5, 1932, at Rockford, Ill. (B13,A21,24)

Samuel Fay Gold, 5th child of Stephen J. Gold (B13,A) and Sarah F. (Calhoun) Gold, was born March 20, 1840, and married in 1868 Harriet Habberton of Brooklyn, N.Y. After serving in the heating business with his father he was orderly sargeant of Company K, 13th Regiment, Brooklyn, returning to Cornwall in 1866 where he built a wood-turning mill. He moved to Englewood, N.J., and became director of the Gold Car Heating Company in New York City, the Bergen Gas Light Company, the Englewood Electric Light Company and the Englewood Sewerage Company. Children:

1. Egbert H., b. 1868.

2. Esther F., b. 1870.

3. Winthrop R., b. 1872.

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