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Gold was associated with him before his early death in 1844. In 1854 Stephen was the acknowledged inventor of steam heating as applied to dwellings, having developed an automatic regulating feature which made it safe and economical. Children:

1. John Robinson, b. August 20, 1827; d. January 28, 1847.

2. George Ruggles, b. October 9, 1830. (B13,A2)

3. Stephen Benjamin, b. September 15, 1834; d. March 20, 1836.

4. Martha Ramsay, b. June 16, 1837; m. Lincoln Swift Gold; d. early.

5. Samuel Fay, b. March 20, 1840. (B13,A5)

George Ruggles Gold, 2d child of Stephen Johnson Gold (B13A) and Sarah Fay (Calhoun) Gold, was born October 9, 1830, at Cornwall, Conn., and married May 6, 1856, at Everett, Mass., Mary Murdock of Charlestown, Mass. He graduated at the Yale Law School, practiced law and was a probate judge at Flint, Mich., where he died June 2, 1902. Children:

1. Sarah, b. March 22, 1858, at Cornwall, Conn. (B13,A21)

2. Martha Calhoun, b. April 22, 1859, at Vienna, Mich.; d. October 29, 1875, at Flint, Mich.

3. Mary Eliza Shiras, b. August 15, 1863, at Flint, Mich. (B13,A23)

4. Lilian, b. January 1, 1865, at Flint, Mich. (B13,A24)

5. Carolina Fay, b. December 26, 1872, at Flint, Mich.; d. April 2, 1875, at Salem, Mass.

Sarah Murdock Gold, 1st child of George Ruggles Gold (B13A) and Mary Jane (Murdock) Gold, was born at Cornwall, Conn., March 22, 1858, attended Wellesley College two years and married at Flint, Mich., December 11, 1884, Frederick Smith Hayden of St. Joseph, Mo., who was a Congregational minister and dean of Illinois College, Jacksonville, Ill., 1902-1922. He died at Jacksonville, October 7, 1922. She died at Detroit July 22, 1939. Children (Hayden):

1. Charlotte Calhoun, b. January 21, 1888, at St. Joseph,

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