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(B13,621) and John Chapin Brinsmade, was born November 18, 1888, at Washington, Conn., and graduated at Vassar in 1909. She is a member of the faculty of the Baldwin School at Bryn Mawr, Pa., and has been a graduate librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library, taught first in New York City and then at Hampton Institute. Unmarried.

John Chapin Brinsmade, Jr., 6th child of Mary Gold (Gunn) Brinsmade (B13,621) and John C. Brinsmade, was born September 28, 1891, and graduated 1910 at Harvard. He married Allen Martin at Mandau, N.D., August 16, 1924, and was a Federal investigator at Mandau at the Department of Agriculture and was also stationed at Washington, D.C., spending his winters in that city and his summers at the Northern Great Plain Field Station at Mandau. He was scientific assistant at the national flax investigations.

Charlotte Blake Brinsmade, 7th child of Mary Gold (Gunn) Brinsmade (B13,621) and John Chapin Brinsmade, was born at Washington, Conn., September 20, 1895, graduated at Vassar in 1915 and after two years' training as nurse at Presbyterian Hospital, New York City, married June 26, 1920, at Washington, Conn., Alfred Raymond Bellinger of Syracuse, N.Y., son of Hiram P. Bellinger and Elizabeth Bellinger. Alfred was born July 24, 1893, at Durham, Pa., is a Yale graduate, 1917, and Professor of Latin at that university. They reside at 234 Fountain Street, New Haven, Conn. Children (Bellinger):

1. Peter Frederick, b. June 15, 1921, at New Haven, Conn. (B13,621,71)

2. Rossiter Raymond, b. June 29, 1922, at Washington, Conn. (B13,621, 72)

3. Hilda Chapin, b. September 27, 1924, at New Haven, Conn. (B13,621,73)

4. Mary Gunn, B. May 20, 1929, at New Haven, Conn.; entered Vassar College in 1946. (B13,621,74)

5. Elizabeth Dwight, b. May 27, 1933, at Istanbul, Turkey. (B13,621,74)

Peter Frederick Bellinger, 1st child of Charlotte B. (Brinsmade)

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