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Hunnewell Braman, Jr., 2d child of Eleanor Gold (Brinsmade) Braman (B13,621,4) and Hunnewell Braman, was born June 23, 1916, at Washington, Conn., graduated at Princeton in 1938 and is a salesman. He married Ruth Greaves of Princeton, N.J., and they have resided at Erie and Harrisburg, Pa., where they live at 2718 Lexington Street. He is connected with the Wyeth Advertising firm. Children:

1. Thomas Chapin, b. December 20, 1939, at Princeton, N.J. (B13,621,421)

2. Robert Granville, b. October 25, 1943. (B13,621,422)

3. Kathleen Hunnewell, b. February 8, 1947. (B13,621,423)

Grenville Chapin Braman, 3d child of Eleanor Gold (Brinsmade) Braman (B13,621,4) and Hunnewell Braman, was born February 28, 1918, at Washington, Conn., attended Harvard University, was an aviation cadet in the United States Army and was in the Merchant Marine staff as an officer on the Grace Line in 1943 and in 1945 was in military service somewhere in England. He is with the Grace Line as traffic agent in Lima, Peru. From 1943 to 1945 with the Eighth Air Force in England he took part in 22 missions over the Continent. He married Frances Becker of Buffalo, who served three years with the Red Cross in England and Germany. They live in Panogra, Peru. Child:

1. G.C. Braman, Jr., b. November 1, 1946, at Buenos Aires, Argentine. (B13,621,431)

Helen Hunnewell Braman, 4th child of Eleanor Gold (Brinsmade) Braman (B13,621,4) and Hunnewell Braman, was born July 21, 1919, at Washington, Conn., graduated at Simmons College in 1940, and married William Alexander Gray, a graduate of the Harvard School of Business Administration. He served four years as Navy ordnance officer in the Pacific, Washington, D.C., and Seattle. He is connected with the J.P. Stevens firm, New York City. They live on Marshall Ridge Road, New Canaan, Conn. Twin children, Stephen Alexander and Joan Brinsmade, were born at Washington, D.C., June 15, 1943.

Mary Brinsmade, 5th child of Mary Gold (Gunn) Brinsmade

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