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Benjamin lived on the old homestead at West Hartford until 1748, when he removed to Cornwall, Conn., probably through the efforts of Thomas Orton, who had married, 1st, his sister Elizabeth. Later Mr. Orton removed to Tryingham, Mass., followed by one or more of his brothers-in-law. His brother Joseph, whose descendants easily outnumber those of all the other children of Captain Samuel Sedgwick, therefore left West Hartford about the same time as Benjamin for the recently opened lands at Cornwall, near the Connecticut state line, and across the Massachusetts line at Tryingham. See B25,7. Also GOLD HISTORY, page 181.

The farm at Cornwall consisted of some six or seven hundred acres in that town, Goshen, Canaan and Norfolk. To clear it must have been a tremendous undertaking and to this day it is not clear why Hartford was forsaken for Litchfield County except that the removal was a part of the homesteading and free land urge that prevailed. After clearing the tract and putting up a house he erected a sawmill on a stream that ran through the farm at the foot of Hautboy Hill. At the present time there is such a mill at the foot of the hill near the road which leads up to the farmhouse.

The story is told that one day while he was working at this mill the continuous barking of his dog attracted his attention and after the day's work was over he took his axe as his only weapon and found the dog who had driven a large bear into his den in the woods north of the mill. At his approach the bear rushed out and attacked him, threw him down and would have killed him had not the dog attacked the bear. When the bear turned upon the dog Mr. Sedgwick buried his axe in the backbone of the animal.

Mr. Sedgwick died from an attack of apoplexy which occurred at night. He expired before medical aid could be obtained. He is buried in the old cemetery at Cornwall Hollow and the gravestone has the following verse:

In an instant he is called
    Eternity to view
No time to regulate his house
    Or bid his friends adieu.

The inscription on Mrs. Sedgwick's gravestone reads:

Anne Sedgwick, died June 3, 1793, aged 74.

Following are the records of the children:

1. Sarah, bap. March 25, 1739, at West Hartford. (B1)

2. John, bap. March 7, 1742, at West Hartford. (B2)

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