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Benjamin Sedgwick, 11th and youngest child of Captain Samuel Sedgwick and Mary (Hopkins) Sedgwick, was born November 7, 1716, at West Hartford, Conn., and was baptized there November 12, 1716. He died February 7, 1757, at Cornwall, Conn., in his 41st year. He married, Ann (Anne, tombstone spelling) Thompson of Wallingford, Conn., daughter of John Thompson and Sarah (Culver) Thompson.

After Deacon Benjamin's death, his widow married, 2d, August 8, 1764, Timothy Judd, Esq., of Westbury Society, Waterbury, now Watertown, Conn. This marriage proved unhappy, they separated and she returned to Cornwall and lived with her son John until her death, June 3, 1793, aged 74. She is buried in the new, or lower, burying ground at Cornwall Hollow. Her monument stands next to that of her son John.

Benjamin received from his father's estate at West Hartford, which was inventoried at 2190 pounds sterling, the following legacy:

"I give unto my son Benjamin Sedgwick, my dwelling house, barn and all my outhousing, and all land at home, butting on his brother Jonathan's land east, and on Lt. Gillette's south, I give unto my son Benjamin my hill butting on the heirs of my son Samuel's children east, and on the land given to Jonathan west, and on Lt. Gillett's south. I also give unto my son Benjamin, my Jared lott and swamp, being known by that name, and I give unto my son Benjamin the half of my mountain lott above mentioned, to be equally divided between him and his brother Jonathan, and provided he pay when he comes of age to his four sisters 50 shillings apiece, unto Abigail, Mary, Elizabeth and Mercy." (Above from Samuel Sedgwick's will).

"To my son Benjamin, I give all my right in the still; also my measures, viz., quart, pint and half pint, he paying 20 shillings to his brother, old tenor. I give to Benjamin all the coopers tools and my great Bible. And the rest of my books I would have divided among my children, also my rights in the undivided lands at Farmington." (From will of Mary Sedgwick.)

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