George Washington Sedwick  [Willis Daniel Sedwick / Betsy Armina Greene]
  b. August 15,1886, Viola, Mercer, Illinois11a
  d. February 23, 1962, Nora, Jo Daviess, Illinois11a
  m. February 13, 1911, Ruth Tillie Gimson11a

Ruth Tillie Gimson  [Parents Unknown]
b. abt 1894, Illinois1
d. March 1965, Britt, Hancock, Iowa11a

In the 1900 census, George's birth is listed as August 1887.
An entry in the LDS IGI shows his birth as August 15, 1896, but no source is listed.

Census records:

1900 IL Henderson
1920 IL Rock Island


Glen August Sedwick1,11a
  b. abt 1911, Illinois1
Merle Augusta Sedwick (Dau)1,11a
  b. abt 1912, Iowa1
Ruth Marie Sedwick11a
  b. unknown
Rose Marie Sedwick11a
  b. unknown
Betty Armina Sedwick1,11a
  b. October 23, 1914, Des Moines, Polk, Iowa11a
Iris Leona Sedwick1,11a
  b. August 15, 1916, Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois11a
Daniel Paul Sedwick1,11a
  b. June 21, 1918, Cordova, Rock Island, Ilinois11a
Julia May Sedwick11a
  b. 1921, Le Clair, Scott, Iowa11a
Effie "Pat" Valentine Sedwick11a
  b. October 31, 1923, Le Clair, Scott, Iowa11a
  m1 Faye Owen Beveridge
  m2 October 30, 1946, Nashua, Chickasaw, Iowa, Lawrence Martin Longerbone
  d. June 1,2003 Des Moines, Polk, Iowa
  married at the Little Brown Church of the popular song - Church website
Francis Georgia Sedwick11a
  b. 1924, Le Clair, Scott, Iowa11a
Grace Alberta Sedwick11a
  b. 1925, Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinios11a
Golda Darleen Sedwick11a
  b. March 17th, 1928, Des Moines, Polk, Iowa11a
Kenneth Sedwick11a
  b. 1931, Britt, Hancock, Iowa11a
Mary Jean Sedwick11a
  b. 1935, Britt, Hancock, Iowa11a


1. Census records, any of those indicated.

11. Personal knowledge of family members
a. Effie "Pat" (Sedwick) Longerbone, daughter of George Washington Sedwick
b. Lyle D Sedwick, descendant of Dan W Sedwick
e. Jan Campbell, daughter of Effie "Pat" (Sedwick) Longerbone

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