Thomas Sedwick (abt 1640 - 1697/98)
not descended from Robert Sedgwick

Some claim that Thomas Sedwick of Maryland was a descendant of Robert Sedgwick (1613-1656) through his son Samuel who married Elizabeth Harwood. No one can produce any evidence, of this, and I am sure it is not so. Here's why:

Samuel Sedgwick was born about March 31, 1639,
he was baptised on that date in Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts.1
Elizabeth Harwood was born March 13, 1650 in Boston, Massachusetts.2
They were married about February 18, 1666/7, Stepney or Whitechapel, England4
There is no way they had a son who was old enough to "claim his acres" in 1670.


1. First Record Book, First Church in Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
baptismal record of Samuel Sedgwick, March 31, 1639

2. Harwood A Genealogical History of the Concord Harwoods,
Descendants of Nathaniel Harwood, Son of John Harwood, of London, England

Nathaniel with Elizabeth, his wife, settled in Concord, Mass., about 1665.
by Watson H Harwood, M.D.
VOL. III. New England Harwood Genealogy
available on-line at
page 8:

Children of JOHN HARWOOD, No. 2.

7. ELIZABETH, born in Boston, Mass., March 13, 1650. She married MR. SEDGWICK. She was living in New England, Nov. 13, 1684, when her father's will was made. The will also mentions her son Samuel Sedgwick.”

Notice that the will mentions her son Samuel, but no Thomas.

We can be sure that this is the right Samuel Sedgwick and Elizabeth Harwood, because Samuel's wife Elizabeth was 33 years old when a will which he witnessed was proven in 1683. We know that Samuel's mother, Robert Sedgwick's widow, Joanna Blake was living in London after his death in 1656, and that Samuel became a cloth weaver there. We also know that Elizabeth Harwood's family returned to London in 1657. They therefore met and married there, and after his death she came to New England.

3. GENEALOGICAL NOTES, or Contributions to the Family History of
Some of the First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts
by Nathaniel Goodwin, Hartford: F. A. Brown, 1856.
available on-line at
page 177:

“SAMUEL SEDGWICK, of London, England, was married to Elizabeth (???).”

Samuel Sedgwick witnessed the will of one Jonathon Wade of Ipswitch, Mass, in London in 1657. This will was probated at Boston July 8, 1686, and is recorded on Suffolk County Probate Records, Vol.XI., p. 40. An entry there contains "The deposition of Elizabeth Sedgwick, aged 33 years, or thereabouts. This deponent testifieth and saith, that for the space of six years, wherein she was wife to Mr. Samuel Sedgwick, late of London, deceased, she well knew his hand writing, . . . Taken upon oath, December 1, 1683, before Peter Bulckley, assistant. ”

4. Marriage Licences issued by the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1660 to 1668
an database
18 Feb 1666-7 Samuell Sedgwick, of St Katherine Creechurch, Lond., Bachr, abt 27, & Elizabeth Harwood, of Stepney, Midd., Spr, abt 18, with consent of her father; alleged by Wm Redman, of St James, Duke's Place, Lond., Vintner; at Stepney or Whitechapel, Middx

I am convinced that this is a correct analysis. If you have any information that documents a descendancy of Thomas from Robert, I would love to see it and publish it here.

-Dennis Sedgwick