Manifest of ship SS Augusta Victoria upon arrival New York, June 14, 1902
printed from Microfilm T715-284, page 40, New York Immigration Passenger Lists, Vol 476-477

showing arrival of Immigrant Ancestor Josef Cedzich

Manifest at Ellis Island Website     Photo of the ship

At Josef is listed as Sedsich and Marie as Cedsich,
but the first letter is clearly a "C", and the fourth, though not as clearly, a "z".
(The "z" shows better on the above image than on the Ellis Island image.)

Line 1 2
Name Josef Cedzich Marie Cedzich
Age 40 2
Sex M F
Married M  
Occupation Merchant None
Able to Read/Write Yes/Yes No/No
Nationality German  
Last Residence Lithuania  
Seaport for landing in U.S. New York  
Final destination in U.S. New York  
Have Ticket to Final Destination Yes  
By whom was passage paid wife  
In posession how much money? [illegible]  
Ever been in U.S. No  
Relation in U.S. wife - Amelia Sedzich