Robert Sedgwick  [Robert Sedgwick / Mary Ann Selwood]
b. March 1, 1846, Shelby County, Indiana
d. March 13, 1926, Silverton, Briscoe, Texas1b
    or Milford, Ellis, Texas1a
bu Silverton, Briscoe, Texas, Silverton Cemetery9
m. October 19, 1872, Milford, Ellis, Texas, Almira Catherine Groves

Almira Catherine Groves  [Henry Groves / Mary Ann Unknown]
aka Alice Catharine Groves, Allie
b. January 19, 1839, Clark County, Illinois
d. February 6 1931, Silverton, Briscoe, Texas
bu Silverton, Briscoe, Texas, Silverton Cemetery9

Census records:

1850 Indiana, Shelby, Brandywine Twp
1860 Illinois, Cumberland, Crooked Creek
1880 Texas, Ellis County
1900 Texas, Briscoe, Precinct 1 (Silverton)
1910 Texas, Briscoe, Justice Precinct 1 (Silverton)
Almira with parents:
1850 Illinois, Clark, Livingston
1870 Texas, Ellis, Milford


Mary 0live Sedgwick
  b. October 17, 18731d
  d. infancy
Yleta Lura Sedgwick
  b. March 6, 18751d
  d. 1878
Edna Adella Sedgwick
  b. August 26, 1877,1d Texas
  d. August 13, 1913, Silverton, Briscoe, Texas9
  bu Silverton, Briscoe, Texas, Silverton Cemetery9
William Allan Sedgwick
  b. October 31, 1878, Milford, Ellis, Texas1d
  d. October 14, 1960, Montgomery, Alabama1d
  m. [November 25, 1900, Silverton, Briscoe, Texas],10 Esther Smithee
Annie May Sedgwick
  b. April 23, 18821d
  m. Dickerson

William Allan Sedgwick
b. 1878, Texas
d. 1966
m. [November 25, 1900, Silverton, Briscoe, Texas],10 Esther Smithee

Esther Smithee  [Winfield C Smithee / Edith A Unknown]
b. February 1877, Arkansas2

Census Records:

1910 Texas, Briscoe, Silverton
1920 Texas, Uvalde, Sabinal
Esther with parents:
1900 TX Bricscoe, Precinct #1, ED 8 pg 3B, Film T623-1615 page 28B

In 1910 William and Esther lived next door to his father Robert, likely another house on the farm.


Eugene R Sedgwick
  b. abt 1904, [Silverton, Briscoe,] Texas
Robert A Sedgwick
  b. abt February 1916, [Silverton, Briscoe,] Texas

In the Silverton Cemetery, there is a grave of Baby Sedgwick, April 1906 - April 1907. This must be a child of Will and Esther.

Selma Sedgwick sent a scan of this article, source unknown.


Robert and Alice Catherine Sedgwick came to Silverton in 1891 from Itasca, Texas, having moved there from Milford, Texas about 1888. Robert had been born in Indiana in 1848. Later he and his family had moved to Illinois; and Robert had come to Texas in 1871. The following year he was married in Milford to Allie Groves. Allie had been born in Illinois in 1840, and she and her family had come to Ellis County in two wagons in 1853.

There were five children:
Mary 0., born in 1873, died in infancy;
Yleta, born in 1875, died in 1878;
Edna, born in 1877, died in 1913;
William Allan, born in 1878, died in 1966;
Annie May, born in 1882.
At time of writing, the latter is in a nursing home in Eugene, Ore., near her family at Creswell, Ore.

The couple's only son, Dr. W. A. (Will) Sedgwick, once said that he recalled only one house and one store between Silverton and Estelline when the family came to the Texas plains. He indicated that store, Jago store, is now Quitaque. Their daughter, Annie May Dickerson, often recalled that they lived in a dugout when they first arrived in Briscoe County.

Robert became a well-known Farmer, stockman, and orchardist. Although it is possible that they first lived south of Silverton for a time, they are best remembered in connection with their home northeast of town where Robert planted what was reportedly the first orchard on the plains of Texas, including forty acres of apple, plum, and peach trees. Will Sedgwick recalled: "I often hauled apples by the wagon load to Amarillo and Lubbock, as well as to Tulia." Stark Bros. provided the trees for experimental purposes, and the orchard became a show place, with visitors coming from as far away as Dallas to see it.

Robert helped with the organization of the county in 1892. Through the years both Robert and Allie were closely related to the development of the community of Silverton. Both had united with the Presbyterian Church in their youth, and the Presbyterian Church of Silverton was a vital force in their lives. Robert was one of that church's founders and one of its first elders.

After their arrival in Silverton in 1891, the couple were residents there until their deaths: Robert's in 1926, and Allie's in 1931. At the time of Allie's death, the Briscoe County News of Feb. 12, 1931 referred to her as Silverton's most beloved citizen and the county's oldest citizen.

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