Manifest of ship Australia upon arrival New York, July 5, 1853, from Liverpool, England
showing arrival of George Sedgwick with wife Margaret and daughters Jane Anne and Elizabeth.

data extracted from database "New York Passenger Lists, 1851-1891"
this cites Microfilm Roll 128, List Number 643; I'll have to find the film and print a copy.

LineNameArrival DateAgeGenderPort of DepartureDestinationPlace of OriginShip Name
38George Sedgwick05 Jul 185330MLiverpool, EnglandNYDurhamAustralia
39Margaret Sedgwick05 Jul 185328FLiverpool, EnglandNYDurhamAustralia
40Jane Anne Sedgwick05 Jul 18537FLiverpool, EnglandNYDurhamAustralia
41Elizabeth Sedgwick05 Jul 18535FLiverpool, EnglandNYDurhamAustralia