1910 Tennessee Morgan census records

1910 Census Tennessee, Morgan, District 7, Film T624-1514 page 2-106B

enumerated 22 April1910, extracted 5/9/2004 by Dennis G Sedgwick at Genealogy.com

Line House Family Surname Name Relation Sex Color Age Mar MYrs Child CLive Birthplace Father Birth Mother Birth ImYear Professsion
51 62 62 Sedgwick William H Head M W 54 M1 41     Ohio Massachusetts Pennsylvania   Farmer - Truck Farm
52     Sedgwick Ella G Wife F W 59 M1 41 0 0 Ohio England Ohio   Writer - Newspaper
Ella G Sedgewick died in Morgan County, Tennessee in 1911, record number 66690
(Tennessee Death Index 1908 - 1912, Tennessee State Library and Archives, available online at http://www.state.tn.us/sos/statelib/pubsvs/death2.htm

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