1910 Michigan Delta census records

1910 Census Michigan, Delta, Escanaba Ward 6, ED 39 pg 13B, Film T624-0644 page 168B

enumerated 29 April 1910, extracted 1/13/2007 by Dennis G Sedgwick at Ancestry.com

Line House Family Surname Name Relation Sex Color Age Mar MYrs Child CLive Birthplace Father Birth Mother Birth ImYear Professsion
56 214 232 Phillips Andrew Head M W 39 M1 7     Wisconsin Germany Wisconsin   Contractor - Logging
57     Phillips Harriott Wife F W 35 M1 7 2 2 Canada Ireland England   None
58     Phillips Catherine J Dau F W 6 S       Michigan Wisconsin Canada   None
59     Phillips Jack O Son M W 3 S       Michigan Wisconsin Canada   None
60     Hudson Ormsby FLaw M W 75 Wd       Ireland England England   None
Ormsby Hudson is widow of Harriott Margaret Louisa Sedgwick daughter of Immigrant Ancestor Alfred B Sedgwick
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