1860 Kentucky Jefferson census records
1860 Census Kentucky, Jefferson, Louisville 8th Ward, page 868

enumerated 31 July 1860, extracted 2/27/2001 by Dennis G Sedgwick at LDS FHC LA

Name Age Sex Color Professsion Real / Pers Birthplace
Thomas Sedgewick 24 M   Clerk   Kentucky
Lucinda " 50 F     - / $150 Virginia
Ion 19 F       Kentucky
Thomas Duncan Sedgwick son of Unknown Barnabas Sedgwick
Indexed as Ledgewick, but can definitely read it as Sedgewick

Thomas Sedgwick also appears in this Slave Schedule:
I had never seen a slave schedule; here's the image (150KB) so you can see one.
At the LDS FHC LA for 1860 they are filed with the census films for each slave state, after all the counties.
1860 Kentucky Slave Schedule, Jefferson County, Louisville 8 Ward, page 289 (page 4)

enumerated July 1860, extracted 3/13/2001 by Dennis G Sedgwick at LDS FHC LA

Name No. of Slaves Age Sex Color Fugitives Manumitted Deaf, blind, etc
    Thomas Sedgwick
Owner: Mrs Swindell
1 9 F B      
If Thomas was not the owner, why was he responsible for reporting this slave?
I have two guesses:
1. He was a clerk (see the regular census above). Did he work for Mrs Swindell?
2. Mrs Swindell was a relative or close friend. The service of the slave, not the slave, was a gift.

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