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"My Most Interesting Ancestor"
A biography of
Sergeant George Fletcher Sedwick, Company K, Sixth United States Cavalry
and of his wife, Melinda C. Halstead

a manuscript by Stephen R Schall
published privately 2001 by Stephen R Schall, Pittsburgh PA

GEORGE FLETCHER SEDWICK, of Bruin, Butler County, Pennsylvania, grandson of THOMAS MANNING SEDWICK, son of WILLIAM THOMAS SEDWICK was a Cavalry Soldier during the Civil War. He died of a fever contracted when his horse was killed and fell on him, pinning him in a swamp overnight.

Stephen R. Schall's grandmother, great-granddaughter of George Fletcher Sedwick, wrote in 1931-1932 an essay about her great-grandfather. This essay is the center-piece of Stephen's manuscript. He builds from it to give a detailed and well-documented biography of Sergeant Sedwick and his wife.

OF SPECIAL INTEREST: Steve has extracted birth, marriage and death records from two family Bibles giving documentation to these statistics for many members of this branch of the Sedwick family.

Enjoy this manuscript and also the photo and the Bibles.

Links to the sections of the book:
Title Page and Copyright Notice 1
Photo of Sergeant George Fletcher Sedwick 2
Author's Note 3 | 4
1931 Essay 5 | 6
The Biography 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13
Appendix A: William Thomas Sedwick Bible 14 | 15 | 16 | 17
Appendix B: William G. Sedwick Bible 18
Sources 19
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